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Jacto’s new “Urban Line” is designed and built to operate effectively with the more-aggressive chemical products customarily associated with pest control and disinfecting operations.  Due to their work in extreme conditions, Jacto’s “Urban” models are warranted for one year.
Our special FKM seals offer durability that is up to five-times greater than seals found on sprayers intended for horticultural, agricultural and landscape applications. Plus, our highly-durable and super-resistant PVC hose withstands the use of aggressive chemical products.

• Ideal for the application of aggressive chemicals
• High-capacity chamber allows greater application uniformity with less pumping. Only 6 pumps required to attain 45 PSI operating pressure
• Equipped with special FKM seals for 5 times greater durability than conventional Viton® seals
• Symmetrical design allows pumping on either left- or right-side
• LP-601U trigger: exceptionally robust – with brass needle
• Light and resistant stainless-steel spray wand
• Trigger lock for ease of use
• Mechanical agitator helps to maintain chemical solution consistency throughout spraying applications
• Special PVC hose ensures greater chemical resistance
• Spray nozzles with universal fit and 50-mesh filter; Jacto adheres to ISO
standards for nozzles and tips
• Comfortable padded straps with easy adjustment