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Jacto’s new “Urban Line” is designed and built to operate effectively with the more-aggressive chemical products customarily associated with pest control and disinfecting operations. What’s more, Jacto’s model PJ-16U also handles a variety of minerals and solvents normally used in concrete work. Due to their work in extreme conditions, Jacto’s “Urban” models are warranted for one year.

• Ideal for the application of aggressive chemicals
• The most robust sprayer from Jacto with powder-coated metal base
• Equipped with special FKM seals for 5 times greater durability than conventional Viton® seals
• Symmetrical design allows pumping on either left- or right-side
• Brass chamber with high working pressure, anti-leak properties and resistance to attack from mineral products
• Only 8 pumps required to attain 45 PSI operating
• Light and resistant stainless-steel spray wand
• LP-601U trigger: exceptionally robust – with brass needle
Trigger lock for ease of use
• Mechanical agitator helps to maintain chemical solution consistency throughout spraying applications
• Handles a variety of minerals and solvents used in concrete work
• Special PVC hose ensures greater chemical resistance
• Spray nozzles with universal fit and 50-mesh filter; Jacto adheres to ISO standards for nozzles and tips
• Comfortable padded straps with easy adjustment