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The 5-gallon PJB-20 – is the right sprayer for the end user who needs consistency, accuracy, and efficiency for on-target delivery of their spray solution. Using a rheostat type controller, this model offers finger-tip pressure adjustments to help you deliver material in the right pressure and volume. Jacto’s PJB-series is the right sprayer for everyone... from the market farmer, commercial greenhouse grower, industrial sanitizer to busy landscape professional. Our PJB is equipped with an easy-to-change rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Depending on flow rates and pressures, typical battery run times per charge average about 8 hours and go as high as 12 hours.

• Rheostat pressure adjustment
• Standard with adjustable cone nozzle
• Quick hose connector with swivel
• 5-gallon capacity
• High-density Polyethylene tank
• Soft-padded - quick adjustment shoulder straps
• Light weight lithium-ion battery – long life between charges
• Constant pressure, regardless of the level of the battery
• Heavy duty trigger valve
• Stainless steel wand
• Exceptional battery life for all day operation
• No pumping required
• Less fatigue
• Lightweight - less than 10-lbs. empty