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The 5-gallon DJB-20 offers the option for setting a specific dose or liquid material to be delivered via our drenching tip. It is also the right sprayer for the end user who needs accuracy and efficiency for on-target delivery of their spray solution. With such features as, venturi agitation, multiple pressure settings, a walking pace (speed) indicator and built-in self-diagnostics, the Jacto DJB simply “has it all” for the market farmer, commercial greenhouse grower, industrial sanitizer to busy landscape professional. The DJB is equipped with an easy to change rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Depending on flow rates and pressures, typical battery run times per charge average about 8 hours and go as high as 12+ hours.

• 5 pressure settings
• Hydraulic “Venturi” agitation
• Automatic shut-off
• 5-gallon capacity
• Quick hose connector with swivel
• High-density Polyethylene tank
• Soft-padded - quick adjustment shoulder straps
• Light weight lithium-ion battery – long life between charges
• Constant pressure, regardless of the level of the battery
• Smart control panel
• Multiple-speed walking pace indicator
• Heavy duty trigger valve
• Stainless steel wand.
• 4 nozzles include
• Exceptional battery life for all day operation
• No pumping required
• Less fatigue
• Lightweight - less than 10-lbs. empty